• "Kate Flett has been my riding instructor, competition coach and horse care professional for the past 13 months.   In that time, Kate has strongly developed my ability in dressage and jumping disciplines as well as my confidence and equine knowledge.  Kate's exceptional technical skill and teaching style has brought me from Introductory to USEF First Level standard and thanks to her training, was named the Reserve Champion for the 2015/2016 season.  Kate has also advised on my horse's healthcare following return from injury and I'm pleased to say we have had a year of perfect health.  Kate is an inspiration to any rider, and she is sorely missed."

    - Caroline Key

  • "I have known Katlyn as a trainer for almost 6 years.   During that time, I took lessons with her in both dressage and jumping and she assisted me in training a young horse that I was leasing.  Kate is one of the few trainers that I know who have the unique ability to communicate her experience and feel on a horse to her students.  Under her tutelage, I was able to advance both my dressage and jumping skills.  Her progressive training methods are effective with both horse and rider.  As an FEI certified coach, it was extremely important for me to find a trainer for my young horse who utilized the FEI progressive training scale.  The constructive feedback and the numerous exercises that Kate provided, have helped my young horse to progress steadily and soundly.   I do not hesitate in recommending her as a coach or trainer in both dressage and jumping disciplines."

- Anna Lisa de Lima

  • "I had the honor of working with Miss Kate as a fellow instructor and a student rider.  I gained a lot of confidence teaching my beginner students and riding my own horse thanks to Miss Kate's incredible ability to teach me with so much patience and encouragement.  She always made me feel like I was so capable of improving my teaching ability and my riding skills.  Miss Kate helped me solve problems with my horse that I've had for a long time.  She always looked for new ways to help riders understand how to improve.  I enjoyed watching her teach and learned techniques that I will use forever in my riding and my teaching.   My time working with Miss Kate was incredibly motivating and educational.  My horse is also much happier now! Thank you for your incredible patience and hard work over those 10 months you worked with us!"

-Regina Nowak